Anotated Skeleton Model for Artistic Education

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Anotated Skeleton Model for Artistic Education

7 ratings

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Fairly accurate skeleton model! Cranium plates are faked with grease pencil, basically drawn on top of the skull! I didn't bother doing the bottom ones, because its usually not needed for character work!

All the bones are more or less accurate in size and overall shapes, and also includes some of the major bone features!

This model isn't aimed at medical but rather for artistic learning!

The model was carefully hand modelled using tons of references and is fairly low resolution so it remains real-time in the viewport! The skeleton info is also a polygon model and can be hidden from the outliner!

All quad model making use of vertex color as opposed to textures, so it works in all the blender render mode (Workbench/solid, Eevee & Cycles)!

Optimal clean topology, this model has no UVs and isn't rigged yet!

Already scaled to standard human male height of 6' or 182.5cm!

I will release the rig once done, also free for educational use only, as well as commercial versions for those who'd like to do more than just study it!

I hope you enjoy my work! Thank you for reading, you rock!

Happy Learning! Happy Blending! ^^


Blender Pirate

Jeannot Landry

I want this!

The skeleton model with the skeleton information model

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